FBX Version support


I was wondering what version of the FBX format is currently supported. I had been importing FBX files for the past couple of weeks with no issue until recently, when a contractor provided a new asset where the materials weren’t displaying correctly in the editor (they just appear grey, despite being linked to a texture).

I decided to open the file in Blender (2.78) - and noticed it does not support the FBX format - which was reported as FBX 7.5. Is this supported by PlayCanvas?


It still appear grey if you import texture and apply them to object?

I don’t know FBX 7.5. Normally, FBX version is a year plus a revision. Like, 2016.2 or something similar. If your textures are not loading, can you verify that the FBX was exported with textures embedded in the file?

Thanks - I’ll confirm - it’s been a little tricky since the files are coming from an external partner, and I don’t have a Maya licence (hence trying to open the file with Blender).

This is what I was referring to RE: FBX 7.5. Blender will report the file version when you load it (or at least, when there is an error).