Fbx > Template child object order

Hi - how can I decide the order the children of an imported Fbx show in the editor. In Max they’re in alphabetical order, but on import they display in a seemingly random order. (see pic)

This is a bit of a pain as there are +500 of them and I need to be able to group select and set their batches manually.

any help much appreciate :slight_smile:

@slimbuck Any thoughts on this? Does GLB import enforce child order?

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Hi @jerryComo,

The order is taken from the FBX file. If you can provide an example FBX I can double-check using blender or similar.


Hi - here is the fbx which in 3dsmax is in order v_1 > v_160 - but in Playcanvas comes out shuffled in an order I can’t get my head around :slight_smile:

thanks for taking a look,


Hi @jerryComo ,

I just confirmed that we keep the order of nodes in the FBX file. It seems that max/maya/blender display the nodes in alphabetical order though. I renamed a node in the hierarchy in blender and its position jumped to be ordered correctly. Try that in max too, you’ll probably see the same.

We could also start sorting nodes, but I’m not sure if that would impact existing workflows.


Thanks for the reply !

So currently it is not possible to import an fbx where the child objects are ordered as they are in Max or Blender (which is alphabetically)

btw - when I put this .fbx in Unity - it also orders it alphabetically.