FBX animation won't import

Hi there, I have been trying to import a .fbx file with animation. I want to create a simple elevator that will take the player to higher levels of a building. In order to do that I created a simple animation in Blender and exported it including the animations. Once in PLC, I add the Animation (legacy) component to the object and attach it to the animation controller of the .fbx file. Sadly the animation won’t play. I’m pretty sure this is a very basic question, but I have been trying for a couple of hours without finding the issue.

I would be glad if someone could help!
Thx in advance!

When you upload the .fbx, a template should appear with the other .fbx assets that were uploaded. Drag and drop the template into the editor window and see if the animations work correctly on that entity.

Hi! Thank you for your answer. I have done that before. But the animation still not working.
here is the scene file if that helps! I have a test object there named CUBE_TEST_ANIM that im trying to animate before animating the actual elevators.


Animation (legacy) components don’t work with the import hierarchy/render component and assets pipeline.

You will have to use model assets and the model component or use the anim component (state graph) to animate entities.

More information here Animation | Learn PlayCanvas
Tutorial here Anim State Graph Blending | Learn PlayCanvas

Hi @yaustar! Thank you for your answer. I will definitely check on that and see if that works! Thanks!