FBX Animation Import Scale

Has anything changed recently with the import scale for FBX animations. I’ve just tried importing the same animation and found it comes out 10 times the size in the game.

This is breaking our game at the moment, so would be great to know whether its a change in play canvas.

Kind Regards


Hi Jamie,

Yes, we’ve just made some changes to the way animation scale is handled. Can you drop us an email on support@playcanvas.com with the FBX file so that we can repeat the problem?


Hi, Jamie, can you try reimporting your model (and also all old animations which were fine)? (just right click on asset -> reimport)

Nope - hasn’t fixed it

Ok, so if I replace the model and animations with the same files that fixes it. But that means I will have to go through our entire game and replace every model and animation, which is risky at this late stage in our project. Is there anyway to fix this at your end?

Yeah… something happened here… at least on my end, I’ve been uploading files all day testing out a scene and suddenly (9pm EST) any FBX I upload does crashes my browser (Firefox, IE)

I’m attaching a screenshot of the latest error I got.

I tried replacing those textures, assuming that was it, but I can’t even enter the folder where that FBX/JSON because it will crash the browser.

I have reverted these recent changes - can you guys try uploading those problematic models / animations again?

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and we’re back. I was able to upload the FBX.

Yup, thanks for reverting.

Is there anyway we can freeze the code (not get any core updates our end)?

We’re about to go into QA and then release this is as a live game, so we’re a little worried that updates could be a risk for us?