Falling speed falls really slow

my game im making when i jump i fall really really slowly

Hi @Lucious_Jansma,

Go to your project settings, physics and change the gravity to something bigger:

E.g. 0, -25, 0

That way your player will fall down faster.

in rigbody? oh hey also how do i make it so when i jump i cant jump again

No, here:

  1. Click the project settings wheel in the bottom left corner of your editor:


  1. Go the physics tab:


And update the gravity.

ahhh ok and what about the infinite jump issue

im also having the infi-jump problem

To solve the infinity jump problem, add an extra check to allow jumping only when your character is on the ground. It is not easy to add such a check, you have to search the forum to find a solution that suits your game.

What if he checked if velocity is 0? that means the player is not moving and standing still

That can work, though be careful the velocity can be close to 0 or even 0 at the max height the player reaches when he jumps up, before starting to fall back down.

So make sure you do the check in 2-3 consecutive frames.

im still confuesed do i need to make a custom script because i suck at that script making stuff

Yup, there isn’t a shortcut on this, check my reply here:

so i have to make the script oh lord this will be like living in hell

Yeah, it can be frustrating in the beginning especially, but given you started making a game it’s inevitable.

May I suggest taking some Javascript tutorials to boost your confidence.

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