Falling leaves in 3d

hi everyoone,
id like to have leaves falling down from the sky in my project, how would I go about that?
Ive made an emitter/clone thing in C4D but having some issues baking/importing/converting.

did anyone try out something similar? im mainly looking for a 3d option but would be open for 2d/emitter suggestions

thanks again!

Hi @linelineline,

Take a look at the following engine example for falling snow, you can easily adapt it to use a leaves texture:


For 3D you can’t use a particle emitter currently.

Other option would be to have a 3d mesh for the leaf, do some simulation of them falling (position and rotation), and render them using hardware instancing / or dynamic batching.

http://playcanvas.github.io/#graphics/hardware-instancing.html (would not work on some older devices)
http://playcanvas.github.io/#graphics/batching-dynamic.html (this would work on any hardware)

simulation(not exactly what you need, but moves lots of points around)

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