Failing to permanently teleport a rigidbody
Press ‘E’ to enable the spotlight, then use arrow keys to move it; if it tracks over a subterranean cube, lift that cube above the surface

When I do hit a cube, it briefly flashes above the surface of the plane (rather than remaining above the surface.)
I have attempted to move the entity with both translate() and teleport(), any help is appreciated.

Looks like there is some weird behaviour when the mass of a dynamic physics object is 0. It’s possible that when the mass is 0, it gets treated as a static physics object and therefore doesn’t move even when you teleport it.

In this case, you want all your rigidbodies to be ‘kinematic’ which means they can be moved by forces/velocity/teleport but are not affected by external factors like other rigidbodies or gravity.

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You’re exactly right. Ideally, I could have avoided this by reading the docs more closely-- Thank you for the detailed and prompt reply!