Facial animation along with body animation

Hi there,
I wanted to know how could I import character animations apart from skinning process in PlayCanvas?
Does PlayCanvas supports control rig animations as well?

Actually, I am creating a scene where I want to create some body animations along with basic facial animations (like eye-blink and lip-sync). As per the need, I have animated only facial expressions through basic facial rigging & skinning process so far and that is working fine. Now, there is requirement of body animation as well but it is not possible to animate through skinning process.
Need help!

What you are referring to is animation groups or animation blending. Unfortunately it is not yet implemented in current animation pipeline. But there are possibilities to implement it yourself, you would need to dive into open source engine: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine

This is something we recognized long ago, and looking forward to have in the future Animation 2.0, which will be much more powerful.

@max, where is this highly anticipated feature? If people like @whydoidoit have done it, why can’t it be implemented into the engine. It’s been more than a year, and still no Animation 2.0 has been implemented as far as I can see…

I don’t mean to rail on you for this, it’s just it’s almost impossible to make a 3rd person shooter or any other sort of animation based game without a system like this. And WhyDoIDoIt’s system is now broken, from what I can see…

Working on hacking my way into getting it to work, but getting nowhere…

So, what’s going on?