FaceFX + PlayCanvas

@will Is there anything like facefx in your development pipeline for facial animation.
My company is interested in real-time 3d facial animation.


Just reading the description of the tool.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems the workflow with it is such:

  1. Artist make facial models and rig them.
  2. Then they import it to FaceFX and setup relevant data to the bones.
  3. Then they add audio files to it, and let FaceFX to do it’s magic to animate facial bones accordingly.
  4. It then provides ability to export animation in various formats including FBX.

If this is the workflow with it, then PlayCanvas should already have everything required to import FBX with animations attach them as Animation Component to your rigged model, and play such animations.

Looks like they provide Evaluate license and some examples to test with, feel free to do so, and looking forward if you let us know your findings. :slight_smile: