Facebook Messenger rendering issues on Android

Hi all,

I know this might be a very niche question - but here goes…

As of lately we are experiencing a severe rendering issue when running our game in Facebook Messenger.
The issue only occurs on Android. When starting the game we show our main menu (using the default UI approach). At this moment the screen goes totally blue (which is the camera’s clear color). We still see some deformed shadowed triangles of our animated character - but that is it.

We didn’t change anything in our flow or in our code that could explain this issue - I suspect it to be related to Messengers WebView - since their May 7th update - but it is hard to track down.

The only workaround I have found now is to force redrawing the UI by changing a text element onscreen. Not a big deal but would love to know the real issue behind this behaviour.

Has anyone experienced any other rendering issues on Android when running your project/game in Facebook Messenger?

I can share screens through DMs if necessary.


Something for you to try. Force your project to use WebGL 1.0 (instead of WebGL 2.0 when it’s available).

So uncheck this in the scene settings:

We’re aware of WebGL 2.0 being a bit broken on Android at the moment for certain devices. Google have been working on a fix. Let me know if that helps.