Facebook Game On Mobile

Hello to all Again!
we are about to launch a facebook game made with your awesome tool!
everything works fine on desktops but on mobiles when opening the facebook url it returns “this page isn’t available”!

This is a facebook problem but i was wondering if anyone here has encountered this problem and has found a solution.
Thank in Advance.

Url of the game:

Try using the project URL instead of the embed URL (so remove the /e/ part). You can also add ?overlay=false to not show the playcanvas overlay on the bottom.

Hey Vaios!
Thanks for the quick reply!
unfortunately the “/e/” was added as i was trying various solutions…

this is the url i am using at the momment.

i found this reply in an answer:
“We recently identified a handful of apps misusing our mobile App Center to redirect people to unauthorized sites. As a precaution, we have temporarily turned off the ability for developers to direct to a destination URL for any app in the “Mobile Site URL” field on the dev site.”

Is this still the case?
have you ever managed to redirect to the url properly?

Oh sorry I thought you meant that the app didn’t work on Desktop either - Yeah on mobile it doesn’t seem to work at all. I’m not sure about that - perhaps you can only open the app through their mobile app?

Does this help at all https://developers.facebook.com/docs/applinks/overview ?

There’s also this https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/588209321338256 according to the latest response on this facebook bug https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/1051463851558493/.

so i think the first link you send has to do with linking web apps to their coresponted ios/andoird apps…

The second link is the main thread that i was reading, i have provided my details to that link but if you read the comments bellow i would appear that people aren’t getting any response from that form…

from the app settings if i remove the mobile url the game plays the desktop version, Its dosen’t look great but it works… so i was thinking maybe to write a JS redirection function for mobiles…?

Basically I’m not sure… :slight_smile: Maybe someone else from the team has an idea about this but you could try redirecting to the playcanvas URL if you detect mobile and see if that works…