Facebook 3D Posts are here

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook quietly released the 3D Posts API.

Basically it’s a mini-sketchfab to showcase 3D models. No animation, no lighting, no post effects “yet”.

The question is, will we at some point be able to showcase our playcanvas work on a facebook timeline?

For now, the process is not completely straight forward, you have to convert any 3D assets to GLB, which is a packaged glTF

All the info here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/3d-posts

Any hope for future integration @will @dave @max @Mr_F @vaios ?

The first question that comes to mind is if you guys see a way of repackaging a playcavas scene back into a glTF or even an FBX. That could pave the way to at some point convert that to GLB and post to a facebook timeline straight from our games or scenes using facebooks API.

Not an actual question, just looking for insight…



Anyone? Thoughts? Hello?

At he moment it seems they only support a model rather than a ‘scene’.

I would probably have a bunch of models/assets on a server somewhere to link/reference for these type of posts which is what historically is done.

Are you thinking more of composition of scenes?