Extensive FPS controller


This is a project work in progress for an FPS controller I’m making for my eventual FPS game, I like it but I would like to add more feedback.
If anybody can help add sort of a blur when running or darken the edges a bit when crouching, that would help, I also need to figure out how to get rid of the spam jumping, but other than that, I’d say it’s pretty good! What do all of you think?

I would also like to implement sliding if you are running then press crouch!

Ok! I have been able to add even more features thanks tho this modular system, I have walking,running,jumping,crouching, strafing that’s slower, sliding, slowed movement when aiming, and more feedback when aiming, sprinting. Have some fun testing this new version out!

An error popped up when trying to play

Apparently the creator has setup the project for local usage and not online also.

i was really looking forward to playing this game i have yet to play a game with sliding on playcanvas

How do I fix this?

Unfortunately I am new to PlayCanvas and my knowledge only pertains to the Editor; not the Engine-Only version, which I assume you are using for your build project.