Exporting visibility keys

Hello PlayCanvasers!

For a project, we are showing some blood cells moving in a vein. To do that we have animated the blood cells in 3DS Max and exporter the mesh with animation as an FBX. It imports well into PC : I can see the mesh (and all the sub-meshes) and the blood cells moving.

But one thing doesn’t get import : the visibility keys. The animation loops so we re-use the same blood cells by moving them from one end of the end the vein to the other end and we use visibility keys so that when they jump from one end to the other we don’t see the jump. It works in 3DS Max but not when imported in PC. Any idea ?

We only handle position / rotation and scale animations, I don’t believe there’s support for visibility animation at this time. You might need to find some workaround for this perhaps … like move invisible meshes to for example y = 1000, detect this in the engine and hide the mesh?

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How does the jump occur? Do you mean that for a couple of frames you can see the blood cells returning to the original position?

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That’s a good idea. Can I access the mesh instances with this.entity.model.meshInstances[n] ?

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One option for you might be to edit the JSON animation file and remove the frames between the end and the respawn. That way the transformation would be instantaneous. This would only work if you are not hosting on Playcanvas’s servers though…

Unless you equip the asset by script in initialize or elsewhere…

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Interesting. Would that work with .glb or shall I use the old PC format?

I’ve never tried it on .glb files, but you can give it a try. It should work with the PC format however.

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