Exporting Projects Question

Ok so im thinking about upgrading my playcanvas account… If i did this and then exported my project would i still be able to use the editor for my exported project?

There are two ‘types’ of exporting.

  1. Exporting the project (known as project archiving) - This is an export of the project in the editor allowing you to back up the project and import into a new project if need be. Only available on ORG accounts. These are not in a state to be self hosted but more as backups of projects (https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/api/project-archive/)

  2. Exporting the build (known as a web download on the publish build) - This is an export of the build and is ready to be used and hosted on your own server. (https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/publishing/web/self-hosting/)

Once either is exported, they are separate from the editor so you wouldn’t be able to use the editor on the exports (unless you import (1) into a new project). However, exporting a project/build doesn’t do anything to your existing project in the Editor/PlayCanvas account. It will still be there and you can edit as normal.

Ok so if i exported a build and edit the old build in the editor and im ready for a new build i could re export to a new build to be hosted?

If I’m understanding you correctly, then yes.

To be more accurate, there is no concept of editing a ‘build’. You publish to export a build, make changes to the project in the editor and publish to export another build that will include your recent changes. Etc.

Yes ok i understand now thanks just wanted to make sure :slight_smile: