Event fired with paramters for the function

I just started with playcanvas.
And i cant figure out how i can parse a number within the event, for example on trigger enter i fire a event and the player needs to take damage but for future development i would like to tell in the trigger how much damage the player actually gets

so if i have 2 enemy types i just can parse diffrent numbers.

Hi @IlAce and welcome,

Check this manual page, it describes how to communicate between your script instances, directly and using events.


For events specifically you can pass multiple parameters and receive them on the listener:

// broadcast an event
this.app.fire('score', 10, this.entity.name);
// listen to event
this.app.on('score', function(score, playerName){

}, this);
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ty @Leonidas im trying to make this work :slight_smile:

@Leonidas it worked out perfectly thank you for you help, can i ask you another question or should i open a new topic?

If it’s related to the topic title feel free to ask it here, otherwise better open a new topic. That helps keep everything organized and searchable.

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