ETC1+2 Compression results in Black Texture on Mobile

Hello PlayCanvas Community,
Any texture that is compressed by etc1 and/or etc2 appears black in the scene when running it on a mobile device, both in editor and build. This has affected both pngs, and jpgs, small and large resolutions of textures for my project. The application this is for is a 360 render viewer but this problem affects both 360 renders, and local ui elements.

I cannot share the project nor screen shots as this project is being done for a paid client project . However I can share a screen shot of the properties field, as maybe I am missing a setting. Below are 3 different combinations of compression used. And the last one is the 360 viewer image

Would anyone know what would cause this issue?
Thank you for your time,
Philip Ong

Just to check, is this on any mobile device or iOS or Android specifically?

Would it also be possible to DM me one of the problem texture files for us to test against please?

This is specifically for Android, I’ve tested on a One plus 8 , One plus 7 , a Samsung Galaxy S7 and both results are the same. I will try to DM a problem texture file I can send.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that we have the issue logged internally and will look at it.

In the meantime, we can add your team to the Basis Texture Compression beta feature which requires the extra download of a runtime but offers smaller file sizes for the textures.

No worries, I would like to try the basic texture compression beta feature.

Can you PM me the usernames that you would access to this feature please and also the forum usernames so I can add them to the Beta section of the forums

A fix for this is due to be released soon.