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It’s a problem with my project when i launch it, it says that the memory is used up and will not load the assets i tried to get rid of unused assets but it seems to not help the performance

Hi @Kelvin_Riley2! Did you add anything to your project when the problem started? I think there is a very big asset that cannot be loaded.

You can filter your assets by category and sort them by size, and use *.* so show them all. It may take a while but it can help you find your largest files:


Can you give me a better example @Leonidas ?

Here is a video on how I filter your largest assets in your project:

Okay i seen the video but what do i need to do so i can make the game function from these bugs??

You should try and reduce the size of your assets loaded, if your problem originates there.

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Maybe you can remove some unused assets or disable the preload option (on the right side of the screen when you click on the asset).

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