Error While Loading PlayCanvas build in older version of chrome

playcanvas-stable.min.js:6 failed to initialize basis worker: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘arrayBuffer’ on ‘Response’: body stream is locked

I am getting this error, while executing the build on older version of chrome (70) on android, while the game works fine on latest chrome version on android.


Hello and good morning @Anuj_Baghel. In my experience, the Chroome browser is useless for this application since it has errors when viewing entities, among other things. I recommend you change your browser like Firefox but not Microsoft Edge. This also has errors, I hope it helps you. SUCCESSES!

@Anuj_Baghel What version of Chrome are you running? Can you provide specific steps taken to reproduce this issue?

Exact version that i am using, on which i am getting error, is version - 70.0.3538.110.
However, below version 80 the game is not working.
If i upgrade chrome to latest it works fine.
Moreover, i am testing on Android Platform.

I keep insisting that you change the browser if there is more problem I say it from my own experience, also they can help me with a question, the question is here

Please keep every question in it’s own topic @Ricardo_Reyes.

Excuse me @Albertos
but could you help me answer my question anyway?

Hello @Anuj_Baghel I was recently creating a project and it prevented me from doing it due to an error, the same one that you have, I solved it in the simplest way, which is updating the browser, I hope this information helps you.

I resolved the error by deleting few textures, not sure how those textures were locking the stream and throwing the above exception.

Ah interesting, were those textures larger than 4096 x 4096?