Error when running scene

Sorry but i don’t get a point from the tutorial about the animation. I can add an fbx file and it import an animation file and a model with the same name (transparent model). How can i apply it to a obj model that i have imported? Maybe i just misunderstood everything and i can’t, coz i remember in 3ds i have to apply a biped bone to the model and after the bip animation and save everything (in g3d for glest) maybe here is similar :slight_smile: tnx a lot

Ok i think i have got it now…imported an fbx animated file…but now i have an error in the scritp when i lunch the scene… i’m lost :slight_smile:


What is the error?

playcanvas-stable.js:0 script error
tryed to start a new scene but same result

the playcanvas-stable.js has more than 20000 lines of code… :fearful: how can i find the error???

OK…problem found…it’s when i try to import fbx model and animation.
When i import the model is seen as scene instead model … do you know wich kind of fbx format i have to use since 3dsmax allow me to change the type of fbx and also to set some variable…
tnx a lot :smile:

Can you put up a link to a project with the error, that will help us tell you what is wrong.

There should be no problem importing an FBX with both model and animation. The “scene” asset type is used to describe an FBX [as it can contain many different things].

Importing the FBX will create “model” and “animation” asset types.
here is the link…it gives no more the error coz i deleted the model that caused it…now i have imported a model that was an ugly orc…and now looks like a picasso sculpture… :worried:

Hi again, i have reloaded a model with animation and also another fbx without animation…as u can see the barracks and the hammer dwarf looks fine, but the dwarf give the problem, this models are exported with 3ds8 the orc with 3ds2012… once we solve the problem i will post an how to do for 3ds users
EDIT as i added the animation the error pop up

It looks like the animation has different node names to the model/skeleton?

The animation is looking for bones called “Hip”, etc. Your model/skeleton doesn’t seem to contain those nodes.

Hi Dave, sorry, you checked when i was trying to remove the error, so the files where not the ones i was using. You can get the model here.
so you can check what’s wrong.

PS. I have deleted the animations, the model that i wanted to animate, and still has the error. it’s possible that if i delete the files from the editor and after from assets the code still don’t change back removing the unnecessary lines?

I can’t download that model.

I don’t see any dwarf characters? There are two models called “character” and “WarriorKnight”.

Yes i have removed the dwarf both from assets and from scene wait i change the permissions to the file
Done now u can get it…but wait that model was exported badly…wait i upload the dwarf too
here is the link

Looks like there is a some problems with that FBX files. When I open it in 3DSMax there are 3 skeletons in the scene. Two of the skeletons are upside down. Also there is no skinning.

If you re-import the FBX into Max you’ll be able to see these problems.

Ok Dave i will try that and let u know :smile: tnx a lot