Error uploading FBX with multiple blend shapes

Hi. I’ve been trying to upload an fbx file to playcanvas that has a model with multiple blendshapes applied to it. If you look at the scene here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine I am able to upload simpler fbx files with fewer blendshapes, but not organoidBlend6.fbx also attached here. Do you know why this is a problem? Thank you.

I want to upload the fbx file but I’m not allowed to add attachments?

Here’s a link to the file: organoidBlend6.fbx - Google Drive

Looks like an error in the FBX.

Opening it in Autodesk FBX review tool gives this issue: FBX Review | Cross-platform 3D model viewer | Autodesk

That’s odd. There are 10 blend shapes in the file. I tried different combinations of them to see if I could isolate one that was a problem but every combination of 3 I tried worked, so it really seemed like a file size issue. I was able to open the fbx fine in May and an online FBX viewer. I’ll try out some things with the normals.