Error status on FBX reimport

I think I have an interesting issue,

I recently had to change some of the UV’s of a model I’m working with, and reuploaded the file to Playcanvas. The editor is currently set to:

When I upload the model to overwrite the previous one, the glb asset that is created shows a red status bar:

What is strange is that the model appears to update just fine and there are no errors generated in the console and none that I can see in the PUT response. The model change looks just fine with the new textures and upon launch everything looks alright. I’m just worried I may run into unexpected issues if I keep going.


Additional Information:

Forking the project and repeating the replacement upload does not produce the red error bar. The only other difference is that I opened a new branch to replace the model on the original project. Does this cause errors when replacing assets?

Rolled the dice on reuploading to the master branch. No error bar. I will just abuse checkpoints for the moment and forego branches.

It shouldn’t do.

It’s definitely weird that it’s showing up as an infinite red loading bar

If it happens again, please let us know along with the time it had happened and you timezone so we can check logs for errors etc