Error on FBX to GLB conversion during reimport

Good afternoon everyone,

It seems like I might be having a bit of trouble upon importing an FBX to replace an existing one. I say might because even though the .glb asset is displaying the red progress bar indicating an error, I’m not getting any notices in the console, and the appropriate render components are created. In fact, using it as it it were normal, it doesn’t appear that anything is immediately wrong. I hope that this is the case, but I have the feeling that I might have problems later on down the road.

For some background on the overwrite. I downloaded the FBX out of the project, split a 3D element into another object, re-exported and uploaded. I also tried this same process from the original 3ds Max file. I’ve done this before without issue, so I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. Refreshing the editor will show the same error bar on the .glb asset.

Any ideas?

Hey @eproasim

Is the issue only when you attempt an overwrite of an existing asset? Does it happen when you import as new on a new project?

Is it reproducible when overwriting in a new project?

If so, can you share that new project with us and if the FBX cannot be made public, add ‘yaustar’ to it please