Entity specific material not rendering on mobile

I’m testing my game out on my phone to see how it functions on a mobile device, but certain materials aren’t rendering. The materials on the outer ring and main wheel are completely black or gray depending on the scene I’m in, but the material on the center piece renders properly. Each of these use an entity specific material depending on the scene. Even the published version I have up currently renders these materials black.

Here’s a link to the project. My device specs are listed in this post: How to debug on mobile device

Your link is currently broken.

It’s probably private and needs to be made public.

I deleted the scene that link points to without realizing I had linked to it. I had made some large changes in the main scene, and I needed those changes in all scenes, so the easiest approach was to delete the old ones and create duplicates of the main scene and add the specifics for the new scenes.
Here’s a fresh link: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/601900