Engine Release: v1.63.0

Hi @3dTim ,

Sorry for this. As @mvaligursky says we’ll check this asap.

I’m wondering, do you use meshopt in Playcanvas? It seems to do a great job and we would like to add better support for it to our pipeline, but we’re not sure of demand among our users.


No problem. Thank you guys! Yes, the project I work on uses meshopt. I think the decision to use it was made because of the support for morphs.

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Hi @3dTim,

I’ve submitted a model-viewer PR to load meshopt correctly.

Please make the same change to your own meshopt projects to get them working again.



I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear about what your message said at the beginning, but now I understand and have resolved it. Thank you for your reply! :smiley:

Perfect. Thanks!

Hi Guys!

With this new version the Playable ads export for Facebook don’t work anymore…

The images do not load, we have an error on the file one-page-no-xhr-request.js:

VM18:1 TypeError: Failed to execute 'createImageBitmap' on 'Window': The provided value is not of type '(Blob or HTMLCanvasElement or HTMLImageElement or HTMLVideoElement or ImageBitmap or ImageData or OffscreenCanvas or SVGImageElement or VideoFrame)'.
    at t._loadImageBitmapFromBlob (<anonymous>:1:1359391)
    at <anonymous>:1:1359316
    at e.get (one-page-no-xhr-request.js:26:9)
    at t._loadImageBitmap (<anonymous>:1:1359284)
    at t.load (<anonymous>:1:1358505)
    at t.load (<anonymous>:1:1366894)
    at o (<anonymous>:1:803941)
    at t.load (<anonymous>:1:804326)
    at i.load (<anonymous>:1:791173)
    at i.add (<anonymous>:1:790090)

Patched to Release v1.63.5 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Patched to Release v1.63.6 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub to fix XR


Should be all back up now, sorry about a small problem we had to fix. Do you still have any issues or is all working well again?

It is working now

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