Engine Release v1.45.0

Hey hey, @slimbuck

Yes, this property works :blush:
If I look at the console, I see the version number 1.46.0-dev. Does that mean we will get this fix when v1.46 releases? Or do you plan on releasing a patch for v1.45? It would be a huge help for us if we could get this fix sooner rather than later.

We’re planning to release the patch today.


Patched to v1.45.1:


Patched to v1.45.2:

Hey guys!
Thank you everyone for your hard work!

Unfortunately recent engine update broke a few things in our projects as well, particularily on Mac. We’re generating mesh from heightmap using Mesh API, and we’ve started seeing out of range vertices error on Macs, but not on Windows:

Did you guys change something there? I’ll try to prepare a test case tomorrow. Cheers!
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@underlight I don’t believe there were any changes in Mesh API and similar recently. A repro with older vs current engine would be great to have.

Our previous used engine version was v1.43.1 though - so may be it’s not 1.45.x that broke it. Anyways, I’ll try to set up a comparison repro

v1.44.0 has a lot of changes, so that’s a version to check.

Turns out when trying use_local_engine in the editor - this error happens even on old engine versions (I’ve checked as far as 1.40.0), but our old downloaded build works fine (it’s 1.43.1). So something happened during that time - and not only to the engine, but to scene format / launcher as well?

I’m not aware of any changes to the editor, scene format, etc as well that would affect this.

Might be worth doing a new build and doing a diff against the two built project folders to see what differences there are.

Test case would really help too or access to your project and repro steps.

Other things to try, use the latest version of the engine with working build to see if the engine is causing issues or if it’s something else.

Also wondering if the warnings are only coming up in debug versions of the engine so the published build doesn’t show them?

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There are WebGl errors, so would take place with any version of the engine.
But yeah, it’s possible we introduced a bug. It’s also possible you already had a bug that wasn’t manifested or that you missed. See if you can give us a repro, and we’ll try to fix it if that’s our side.

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@underlight - One possible change that could be causing it is this: pc.createMesh reimplemented using Mesh API by mvaligursky · Pull Request #2966 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

So if you use pc.CreateMesh … and are using blend weights or blend indices attributes, they now default to 4 instead of incorrectly 2 components.


Ok guys, false alarm!
Turns out I’ve messed up a row / col loop with indices creation, and and it probably created some NaNs along the way. It can be reproduced in original Terrain from Heighmap project:
terrain.js → line 86:
for (col = 0; col <= options.subdivisions; col++) instead of for (col = 0; col < options.subdivisions; col++)


Patched to v1.45.3: