Engine Release v0.208 [07.03.17]

Engine Release Notes v0.208

We now add “good first PR” label to issues on github that we believe is a good place to start contributing to the engine.

  • Added Transform Feedback support. It allows to modify vertex buffers using shaders and preserve the changes in another buffer. (WebGL 2.0)
  • Added 3D Textures support (WebGL 2.0)
  • Normal Matrix is now cached, reducing number of matrix operations for entities with model components.
  • Added GraphicsDevice.setDepthFunc to specify depth test comparison function. And is set to LEQUAL by default.
  • Added Separate Alpha Blend, allowing to set different blend function to alpha channel.
  • Added two new blending modes MIN and MAX. (WebGL 2.0)
  • Entity and GraphNode now accepts first argument as name of a node. (thanks for PR #845 by @aiab_animech)
  • Improved example in README.md to be full html file code.
  • Updated README.md and CONTRIB.md to mention “good first PR” label for new contributors.
  • [FIX] stencil and read/writeMask to material, instead of only mask property.
  • [FIX] collision component to use default halfExtents if none been provided when adding component without arguments.
  • [FIX] preferWebGl2 to be optional for GraphicsDevice constructor.
  • [FIX] LightComponent properties: color, cookieOffset and cookieScale used to not recalculate if same Color or Vec2 been set to properties.
  • [DOCS] added for Application.setSkybox.
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