Emit particles omnidirectionally from a single point

Hello, I am trying to recreate a very simple particle effect as part of porting my project from unity to PlayCanvas, but am having trouble figuring out how to re-create it.

Essentially, it’s just a burst of particles emitting from a point into every direction, as you would have with sparks/debris from an impact. However, I am not sure how to get the particles to emit in a spherical direction.

I assumed that disabling ‘randomize’ on the velocity graph, and spacing it out like shown below, would make the particle vectors be spread equally among X, Y, and Z would do it, but it just causes them to all spew in one direction:


Is there no way to achieve this in PC, or am I just totally missing something?

The way you have it set now is that each particle has the same X, Y and Z velocity so they will all go in the same direction.

You want to enable ‘randomize’ and give each graph the same range of velocity (e.g. -12 -> 12) so each particle has a random directional velocity when it is emitted.

Hmm, ok, thanks - that seems to get it closer to what I want. However, as expected, it makes the particle have a randomized direction as WELL as velocity, but I only want the direction to be random. Is there a way to decouple the velocity from the direction, so that they emit at the same speed but in random directions?

Oh, I see what you are trying to get now. I can’t think of a way you can do that currently with the VFX system in PlayCanvas. Maybe @max can help with this?

Unfortunately that might be not possible with current particle system. It has set of fixed behaviors that tries to cover most of use cases, but there are some custom ones that are not covered as they are too specific.

Ah, ok, cool! I got a pretty close approximation of what I needed anyway, but that’s good to know! :slight_smile: