Effekseer Integration broken since Editor 1.24.9 release

This release made a change to the WASM loading logic to use the PlayCanvas WASM module loading API that was added in Release v1.55.0 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

The integration from Effekseer (GitHub - effekseer/playcanvas-effekseer) was dependent on how the older WASM module was loaded in regards to what was available in the global namespace.

This fork gets Effekseer working again but I will be raising this as an issue on their GitHub so that it can be update officially.

Fixed fork project: https://playcanvas.com/project/1041660/overview/f-effekseersimplesample

Changes from the original Effekseer official project:

  1. effekseer.js is no longer preloaded (it’s a glue script so doesn’t need to be preloaded)

  2. Added the module instance to global namespace in effekseer-system.js

  3. Changed the WASM initialisation to load directly in effekseer.js