Editor Unable to Orbit on iPad

It would be great if you guys could allow a developer using an iPad to orbit within the editor using at least a apple Pencil.

With my mac-mini at the moment, I can use a Wacom Pen along with my Wacom Display tablet to orbit within the playcanvas editor

Is their any particular reason why this functionality can’t be accomplished using a Apple Pencil along with a iPad?


  • Anton

Probably more to do with the way that iPad and Safari/browser interprets pen input on device or perhaps the editor view doesn’t accept touch input :thinking: It hasn’t been a major use case yet as a lot of development is generally done on desktops.

Well, if it’s possible, and easy to do I think it’ll be beneficial for Artist on the go who don’t want to carry large laptops with’em but instead carry ipads.

https://clara.io/ works great on my ipad, if you guys need evidence that it’s possible


  • Anton

I recently tried a 3 button Bluetooth mouse with the iPad and still not able to rotate the viewport

The iPad most likely converts the mouse input into touch so you will have the same problem.

Edit: Android on the other hand actually treats a bluetooth mouse as a mouse rather than a proxy for touch.

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