Editor Script: How can I hook asset selection?

I am going to make own asset importer.
When user select one asset on editor, show parse button on Attribute panel.
It’s my code, but this don’t hook selection event.

editor.on('selection:toggle', function(item,options) {    console.log(item.get('name'), 'asset been added');});

Hi @Fan_Flex,

Studying the Editor API on the following link I can see there is an internal event fired on the Selection object:

Which you can leverage like this, just make sure to check if the item is an Asset, since it will fire for both assets and entities:

editor.selection.on('change', (items) => {


@yaustar @vaios may be able to comment if there is a public API for doing that.

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Thank you for your kind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
It’s very helpful for me.

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@Leonidas Thank you for your help.
Below is my code. I want when I select *.act file, show the “Parse SPR” button on Attribute Panel.
But the button once appear and then immediately disappear. pls help me.

    function createParseButton() {
        const btn = new pcui.Button({ text: 'Parse SPR' });
        btn.style.position = 'realative';

        let boxes;

        btn.on('click', () => {
            // delete existing boxes
            if (boxes) {
                boxes = null;

            generateBoxes(10, new pc.Vec3(), 10).then(result => {
                boxes = result;
  function initialize(){
      console.log("asset is added");
      var item_name = item._observer.get('name');
      var re = /(?:\.([^.]+))?$/;
      var ext = re.exec(item_name)[1]; 
      console.log(ext == "act");
      ext == "act" && createParseButton();

I solved this problem.
I found when editor.selection.change or add event happen, attribute panel is cleared automatically.
Hook event “attributes:inspect[asset]”.

 editor.on('attributes:inspect[asset]', function (item) {
      console.log("asset is added");
      var item_name = item[0].get('name');
      var re = /(?:\.([^.]+))?$/;
      var ext = re.exec(item_name)[1]; 
      ext == "act" && (Sprloader.prototype.createParseButton());