Editor API: extending default components

On one occasion, I wanted to add another vector field to an existing component. Say, EntityInspector has all its component inspectors that have initialized their paths using the current configuration schema. Is there a way for me to add a path to that schema? Or add a field to the current component inspector instance?

For example, I wanted to add a Vec3 to a CollisionComponent that would control an offset of a physical mesh from a visual mesh. Is there a way to do it, without creating a completely new component only for that offset field?

Seems no answers. Perhaps, a hint or an example on how to add a new component? @vaios your wisdom is needed :slight_smile:

For example, here I created a component, called Rb. After defining its schema, I inject it to the current schema and overwrite the current api.globals.schema with the new instance. I also added a ComponentInspector for it. This works for including the component to the Editor menus, but crashes with invalid path error when I try to add it to an entity:

I assume that an old instance of the schema could be in use, remembered when the editor is registering its methods and before I override the schema. Is there a way not to override the global schema?

I believe there is server-side validation for all data. I had a similar issue saving extra data to the settings. See your network tab to check the full response from the server.