Editing others projects


I am new to PlayCanvas. I would like to know of there is a way to take other projects and put them in the editor for yourself? No plagiarism.

Someone please let me know.

Hello. If you fork any public project you can then edit it, as it copies a version of the project on to your account. The option to fork is on the project dashboard

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I just would like to know if I can do that from a mobile device?

Yeah. The same options are available on mobile devices and the editor can be used, just tried it on my iPad mini :slight_smile:

If you fork a project, scripts are read-only? How can we edit them?

Scripts are read-only if they come from an external repository (Github or Bitbucket). If the project you’ve forked uses that service, you’ll need to update where you get the scripts from. Either your own fork on Github or copy them from the repository into PlayCanvas.