Dynamic code recompiling?

Does PlayCanvas support dynamic code recompilation like Unity3D and other game engines?

Right now I’m running ‘My First Project’, I clicked on the play button in the top right corner and started editing one of the scripts. After I hit ctrl+s on the script I noticed it saving but there was no change to the game (I added extra force to the ball).

If I refresh the playcanvas game window however the changes take effect.

Since PlayCanvas is buitl on web technology and javascript I really expected the changes to be immediate and not requiring a refresh. Is there a setting or something I need to set to make that happen?

In that same vein is it possible to have the editor window update based on the game when the game is running (the way Unity does it), can be very helpful when debugging issues or testing game mechanics.

Maybe you need this:

Ah yep that’s perfect.

Now to figure out if I can get the editor scene updating with the game window…