Downloaded version crashed with 'OOM'

I’m trying to download a scene and run locally.
Somehow it crashed with out of memory message.

As far as I remember, it used to work, but somehow the latest downloaded version doesn’t work.

Can you kindly check?

Without a repro or more details such as the full error message, how you are running it locally (as part of a Web app etc), we are unable to check.

Assuming it’s to do with Ammo, the most likely causing is that a very high detailed mesh is used for a collision mesh. Would that be correct?

If you can provide a link to the build that is crashing, that would help a lot too.

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As you mentioned, I also recognize it that it will be not possible to diagnose the issue without more detail clue.
How I can share the exported( downloaded) scene?
The size is about 3.9G.

If you can provide a publish link to a build, we can start from there. (Eg

I can’t publish it because of the security reason. However, I can share the project ID: 782031

@sooyong_Kim We are investigating right now. In the meantime, can I please request that you and your team do not access/load the project while we run some tests? We will report back as soon as we can.