Download distinct assets with respect to particular scene


If I download a scene assets of other scenes get downloaded as well, which eventually makes the application size large. Is there a way where only the relevant assets could be downloaded (as per the scene chosen)?


Unfortunately multi-scene workflow does not affect assets, and assets states are global to a project.

If you could explain a bit more in detail your case and what you need, there could be other workflows you could use for your case.

This is not possible because we do not know if you are loading assets dynamically in your scripts.

Scenes in PlayCanvas are not that much completely separate environments but rather just different hierarchies. Your assets do not belong to specific scenes but they rather belong to the project. It is possible to load assets without referencing them by your scenes so that’s why we include all of them.


Instead of downloading only scene related assets (which is not possible), is there any file/data in some form which points to the assets of a particular scene.

By default all assets are marked “preload”, means they will be downloaded before running the app. And this is “project scope” setting on assets.

What you actually can do, is uncheck “preload” on assets that only need to be loaded by a specific scene. Then you can add tags to assets, with lets say tags like “scene-1”, “scene-2” and so on.

Then you can change loading behaviour or add your own loading bit after main preloading is done, to start loading assets based on tags.