Doubt or suggestion about desktop application

One question, is there any possibility that in the very, very, very near future or in a dream they will release a version to apply on the desktop, the problem I have is that I don’t always have inter all the time and it is that where I go there is no inter or it is very slow or there is no domain and it is xd, with nordlayer I can enter but it is slow. The editor is good but I don’t like to start on a browser, I’ve looked for an alternative that handles JavaScript exclusively and editor.babylonjs is like a glove for someone who needs to improve but it’s the best I’ve seen is open source For community, I could use unity or ue4 which still work better with webgl but I do it for the javascript language. Let’s see if one day they cheer up and use Electron so they define themselves as monsters and compete in a big way, gigi just for the comments later…

Hi @alfz and welcome,

This forum post may be of help on this matter:

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