Does PlayCanvas require higher resolution texture files than UE or Unity?

I have been recently experimenting with various file sizes for texture files; specifically normal maps. Let’s say I have a 300KB normal map in Unreal Engine and It shows perfectly fine; however when I import it into PlayCanvas, some parts are pixelated, especially around screws and bolts. I can’t really use bumpiness strength values above .5 or else you will see pix-elation all over the model. I have tried to un-check power of two for texture imports, but it seems that isn’t the problem.

The only work around I found is I have to increase the bumpiness on Substance which increases file sizes to 3-4X. Is there something I am missing or does WebGL in general require higher resolution texture files?

Do you have an example project that could be looked at?

Also, can you show what it looks like in Unreal please?

The Model Viewer template project uses normal maps on the orange PlayCanvas cube. Might be worth a look?

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