Documentation scripts not working? No errors or variables

I’ve been trying to learn playcanvas and it is not intuitive. I am a C# programmer from Unity and know Java but feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle. For my main issue why does none of the code in the manual work? I have been finding scripts online and they don’t work either. It seems if I go through and change the ’ to " some of the lines will work. Why is this? Did PlayCnavas make a change from a single apostrophe to quotes? Am I just looking at old docs or something? I went right from their site and basically nothing works. I keep adding new variables and they don’t work I try using parse in the engine to get my variables and they pop up and immediately disappear. I’m very lost please help.

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Hello, and welcome!

It is a bit hard to say what issue you are experiencing from the info you have provided. Perhaps, you may share a code snippet that gives you trouble and what error you get using it?
As for the ’ vs ". No, there are no changes made by Playcanvas, and those are standard single and double quotes symbols, found near your Enter key. Keep in mind, that some languages may have a different variant of an apostrophe, so, for example, an English " and Chinese ” are not the same symbols and only the English one will work in the online Code Editor. From your post I see that you use ’ vs '. There is a difference, but not sure if that is the cause of your problems. Some code snippet example would help to give an advice.


If you can post a link to the project that you are working on, that will also help :slight_smile: If there are pages that have in the code, please let us know. I’m not aware of any code samples that is not in a code block in the documentation.

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What OS are you on too? I’ve seen issues where copy and pasting text on Mac OSX can convert ’ and " to ’ and ”

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