[Documentation] AutoRender Off for Product Configurators

This might be a useful addition to the optimization guidelines document. Product configurators are a pretty big use case for PlayCanvas, and I’m not typically a 3D developer, so maybe this is why I missed it. But, turning autoRender off has some huge performance improvements to product configurators that most of the time probably don’t need it on. Switching to only push frames when the scene changes on the product configurator I’m working on has been a night and day difference for some low-end devices. It totally makes sense the for the product configurator use-case.


Thank you for sharing that feature, didn’t know such a thing was possible and will indeed help with our performance too! :smile:


I can’t agree more about this.
Generally, product configurator is much bigger and havier than usual 3d models.
So, it should be stop auto rendering when there is no user interactions, such as camera action, color or part change, panning action, background change and so on.

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We (now?) have a section on this in the documentation:


I have been thinking about extending the orbit camera script to do this as an option set on a script attributes to make it easier out of the box


Integrating into orbit camera script is a good idea, but I think it would be even better if it’s integrated as PC level in which a user can activate it on project setting panel.

That’s almost impossible to do at an engine level as realistically, there’s no way for it to know if something is moving or if be very expensive to track it all.

If you are talking about just having setting to disable/enable autoRender, we could but the developer will still have to set renderNextFrame via code anyway.

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