"Disconnected. Reconnecting in # seconds..."

Hey guys,

cool Online Web App you have going here :smile:

When trying to access our main project scene with the editor, out of “no where” this error started popping up. “Disconnected. Reconnecting in # seconds…”
Then it tries to load it again but nothing happen, and then error returns.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi there,

Sorry you’re having problems. Our servers are all up and running.

If you open the javascript console in your browser are there any error messages?

Thank your for the quick reply! And, yes i do.

Something changed, I get the scene and all its entities.
But now the viewport is not updating.

It definitely looks like something is not loading correctly for you.

Perhaps try disabling the cache in the network settings of the developer tools and reloading the pave?

Also check the network tab and see which files are not loading. They will report a 404 error.

Sorry for the late reply, after some time to problem solved “itself”.
Thanky you :smile:

Glad to hear you’re back up and running again! :smiley: