Different rendering result in old project

I’m currently updating an old project and unfortunetly i get different rendering results.

Desired result (engine version 1.35.0) (Hosted version)

Current result (engine version 1.54.1)

Any idea what might have changed?

Could be any of the releases unfortunately

I would use this method: Using a Custom Engine | Learn PlayCanvas

To run through the minor versions of the engine listed here Releases · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

To see which minor version has affected the project

That will narrow down to what the issue could be

Running on your hosted version, up to 1.44.2 seems to be fine. I can’t test any further due our texture Y flip on compressed textures with version 1.45.0 but hopefully that narrows it down for your own testing

Hmm there are definetly changes between 1.50.2 and 1.51.0
Probably because of this PR

But i guess my only option is to redo the lighting setup as i can’t really bundle an old engine version. It seems like there were also some changes to UVs.

What’s the reason you can’t?

The texture y flip :smiley:

Ahhh, but could you ship with 1.50.2 if this is just a one off update?

I could but unfortunetly 1.50.2 is still not rendering like 1.35. I also tested with 1.45 but still different rendering output.
And everything before 1.45 won’t work because of the texture flip.

Ah, that’s frustrating. I assume you need to add more textures to the project?

Translation changes, but we have chinese so we also have to add characters to the font file. And I’m not sure if we can just replace that as well. As this has to somehow match the generated “Font Texture Atlas”

EDIT Oh and also a Texture change, but i guess that file can just be replaced

@slimbuck Was the generated font textures also affected by the texture Y flip change we did last year?

I guess it’s best to redo the lighting. As there will be probably follow up updates.

Hi @LucaHeft,

Sorry that you’re struggling with this. Did you regenerate the prefiltered lighting by any chance? If you did then make sure you enable ‘Use legacy phong lobe’:

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 19.20.30

If you are able to share the project with us, we can also take a look (my username is slimbuck in PC too).

I added you to the project. Scene is named Shuttle.

Yes i did regenerate the prefiltered lighting with the legacy mode, which had the same rendering result.

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Hi @LucaHeft,

I was able to replicate the original lighting by generating prefiltering with ‘Use legacy phong lobe’ and enabling the old method of ambient lighting.

To enable the old ambient lighting, I had to add the following to the scene’s generatePrefilteredAtlas call:

legacyAmbient: true

This flag isn’t exposed in the editor though and we’ll be removing it from the engine entirely in future.

If you are able to load the environment textures into an editor and apply contrast/brightness until it looks correct, that’ll probably be the best long term solution.



Thanks for your in depth analysis! Appreciate it.

I already did some tests with a new light setup to mimic the old one. As you said that is the way to go, to be future proof.

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