Diagnosing low framerate

I have a game here and for whatever reason, it lags out. Legend of Aronidia has way more entities, more complex models, and doesn’t lag. Any idea?

On my laptop, I get a solid 60FPS.

However, I ran the game in the profiler and I guess the only thing I noticed is that you have 8 dynamic lights enabled, several of which have shadow casting enabled. This is fine for desktop, but mobile devices will start to suffer in terms of performance with this many.

The solution is to use lightmapping if you want good mobile performance.

This is Scripts 1.0 right? The project was started a year ago. And I replace the shadows right?

Whether you’re using the old or new scripting system, performance will not be impacted.

And yes, if you want that project to achieve good performance on mobile devices, I would switch to using lightmapping.

I’m using my new laptop. A mobile device doesn’t have enough RAM to run the game.

Afraid I’m still having unreasonable lag. My pc has an Intel i3 and 6 GB of RAM, along with the newest version of Chrome and WebGL support. Will the performance improve when I put the project through NW.js or is there a bug or something?

No. This isn’t a bug. Re-read my original response. You have 8 point lights casting shadows at 1024x1024 resolution:

Each shadow casting point light renders the scene 6 times to generate a shadowmap. So effectively, the scene is being rendererd: 8 x 6 + 1 = 49 times! This is why you are getting low performance and this is why I told you to use lightmapping instead of realtime shadowmapping.

Oh god. I am so sorry. I thought that was changed. I guess that’s why you look before posting. I’ll fix it as soon as my laptop BOOTMGR gets fixed and I can boot up the machine again.