Desktop Performance

Hi all,

Can anyone help me! Can anyone give me some optimization tips to improve performance for desktop, it’s great running with mobile. It’s running some time slow with a desktop! this is a 2d endless runner.

Thank you.


Can you provide the specs of the desktop and mobile please? This includes the resolution of displays too.

LG 29 inch monitor

We would need the full specs including the CPU, GPU, screen resolution etc please.

Intel® Core i5-2300 CPU @2.80GHz 2.80 GHz,64 bit os ,Windows 10Pro

And the screen resolution?

@yaustar Thankyou for your quick reply.


Hi @Mohamed_Abdelhady,

Is it possible to share a url of your project or a build url?

Also can you run the Playcanvas profiler (ALT + T on the launch window) and report some stats here?

Looks like you have an older Intel Graphics running on an ultra wide monitor. Assuming you don’t have a GPU as one has been listed, it could be a fill rate problem.

If you make the browser window smaller (like to a quarter or half the screen), does the performance of your app/game go up?

The tell-tale sign that low performance is due to fill rate is if you make the browser tab smaller, does frame-rate increase?

It does seem that that CPU is now quite old - 9 years old:

So it doesn’t really surprise me you’re getting low performance at full HD resolution.

@will Yes , you are right.
It happens when i run in full 29 inch screen. Not an issue on small screens.

Thank you.