Darksouls Inventory? Need UI help

I need to make an inventory for my game, and I want it to be Darksouls style.

Hi. What have you tried, what worked and what didn’t?
You haven’t asked any particular question. Reality is that people will very unlikely ever do any work for someone else just on fun basis.
@ayrin asked similar question recently, you might want to start conversation with him: Inventory - drag and drop, how to?

Hi, look at this is a scratch of my inventory screen, on the right will be the character view and on the left the list of items in inventory, in the middle i will make a space for equipped items.
I have a problem showing the character coz the html overlap the model.

I asked here because I didn’t want a drag and drop inventory like on Minecraft. I wanted a Darksouls inventory.

I meant to add an image but it wouldn’t upload.

Very nice inventory. I will need to know how to use html/css for the inventory.

copy the javascripts for html and css from my inventory than u copy the css and html codes too and u can change the html code as u prefer. If u want buttons to equip/unequip/drop/use objects u can make them like in World of Kallen inventory. But you, as me, have to deal with html code and 2d graphic, that’s why i would like to implement the 3d visualization in Kallen site more than make all the project in playcanvas. I will think of a way out of this mess :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, can you copy it into Legend of Alex? My iPad refuses to copy the whole thing.

ok… tell me if u need something else…will try to help in my few time :smiley:

Already added a scene to legend of Alex with the scripts u need … u can modify it as u like

Thanks! I will attempt to make it Darksouls style.

succesfully put a button on the main screen for inventory…now have to make it work lol

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