Custom map
In this example,I have an array:

The numerical value represents the ups and downs at a certain location.
How to apply it to the example display

Hi @yang1117,

The example you link uses procedural generation, perlin noise, to calculate the cell heights. Check the createTerrainVertexData method, the 1st loop is where the random heights get calculated.

You could potentially update that to read your 2D array instead.

Here I read the array

It looks a bit strange.
How to set the parameters here to match.
Seeing the rendering, some areas are not occupied.
Can the width of the rows and columns in the loop be modified,
I want him to be bigger and more covered, looking smoother.

this is project URL: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Yes, you will need to study the existing code and modify the size/loop of the terrain to match your data.