Custom components?

If I want to add my own code I create a script and attach it to a script component. Is it possible to create a component like the built-in components and use it in the editor or even outside the editor (i.e. in a local dev environment) or is the script component the preferred way for adding custom code?

Hi @Trigger,

You are able to add your own custom component to the engine, but it will not show up currently in editor.

There is a feature request about it here:

Thanks for that. Any documentation on how to create a custom component or maybe a pointer to the source code where the built-in components are registered?

I haven’t done it before myself, but I think the entry point is the add() method of the ComponentSystemRegistry class:

Also the feature request I posted above contains example code on how to create a custom component. It may be a bit old/outdated but it may still help.

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