Custom class exposed as a variable in the editor?

Hello PlayCanvas community! I’m trying to create and expose a custom class in the editor. I have two use cases:

Use case #1

  • I want to define a drop down list that can be selected from in the inspector. For example
SomeScript.attributes.add('colorSelection', { type:'dropdown', options:[ 'red', 'blue'] });

In the editor you should be able to drag this script onto an entity, then select the option ‘red’ or ‘blue’ from the dropdown, which could be accessed as print(this.colorSelection) => ‘red’

Use case #2
I want to define a custom class, and expose a new class object to the editor/inspector and be able to set variables there.

var someClass = { color : 'red', quantity : 3}
SomeScript.attributes.add('someNewObjectInstance', { type:'someClass' });

this would enable me to have a dictionary of custom objects that I can define in the editor using the inspector.

Is such a thing possible? (or rather is it easy or has anyone gone to the trouble?)

Thanks in advance!!
For clarification, here is the Unity C# equivalent question with solution:

Both are doable to a certain degree.

  1. Use enum property

  2. Use JSON property

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Thanks! This is what I needed. I missed the enum and json part of the attributes in the docs…