Curve type problem

I have a feature where I can add/delete/move indicators from the curve, and change the type of the curve as well.
When I change the type and re-creat the path, it will update only if I move, add or delete indicators from the root object.
So function create a path is called after I move the indicator, delete one of them or add a new one OR change the type of the curve which in this case it’s not updating correctly

Sorry, it’s not clear what the issue is?

When I change the curve type, it doesn’t change when I recreate the path, that’s the problem

Do you have any code that updates the path when you change the type on the UI?

I checked with the console.log , it’s working
Even when I console log the curve itself, it says ID of the curve
But it’s not showing on the screen

Can you share a reproducible project please? It sounds like there’s some missing logic in the project.