Curious on the limitations of the engine

I am thinking of this cool game where enemies bleed corrosive acid like in the movie Aliens (1986) and the player can use this to turn enemies into resources by burning acid through walls n stuff to create shortcuts through the labyrinth of a spaceship.

The game will obviously need stuff like painting images onto surfaces and cutting clean holes through models/renders.
I am wondering if the engine even supports these things before I begin trying since I know things like per-vertex lighting and inverse kinematics are not supported at the moment.

If these things are possible, any information or tutorials on how to do it are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

You’d probably be looking at a project like this:

to render your damage into the textures.

There is a simple example using this technique here as well:

No engine supports something custom like this directly, you’d need to write custom shaders to implement this.


I will check these out and try to make a cool prototype.